Seeding Communities Weekends

Are you on the path to a collective or farming community? Do you have questions?  Do you want to meet others in a similar position?

We run semi- regular weekends for groups / individuals to connect and move forward to communal living and farming.

What we Cover:

  • Our community experience
  • How we organise ourselves and our farm
  • Governance and decision making
  • Introduction to the finance
  • Models of living – where you’d like to be in those models and what steps you’d like to take

Beyond the first weekend we can signpost you to other expert advice, similar experience, or a space to come and plan with your group.

We’re registering interest for our next weekend, which won’t be before November 2024 – read on, and see the form below to register.

We are an intentional community running a small farm, established for over 40 years.  

I feel reassured… there’s ways around things, and ways to achieve things. It’s doable”


We meet many people who are keen and ready to live in a similar way, and these weekends are a way to use our experience and our space to support the difficult first (and second, and third…) steps of other new communities.

You will:

  • Meet others working towards the same thing
  • Get questions answered and get a good feel for the realities of communal living.
  • Meet experts and be signposted to the right advice for you

“I think if I hadn’t come I’d be trawling the internet, going down lots of dead ends and blind alleys and feeling overwhelmed and by all the resources out there… not really knowing what was relevant to our situation”

Ian, A Lovely Plan

First step: Tell us you’re interested in this form

For these weekends we prioritise those who are already on the path to living and /or farming collectively.


£180 per person for each weekend – includes food, all sessions and one night’s accommodation. Discounts for own accomodation and booking both weekends.

Free and Subsidised:

We have a number of free places earmarked for groups underrepresented in UK community living.  For us as a community right now, that means Global Majority – people of Black Caribbean, Black African, South Asian, East Asian, South East Asian, Middle Eastern, Arab, Latinx, Jewish, Romany and Irish Traveller heritage.

We have some subsidised places for those on very low incomes.

If funds are a barrier OR if you are from a group currently underrepresented in intentional communities in the UK please get in touch.

We run these weekends with volunteer input as a community, paying for other experience and expertise and use surplus for the upkeep of Canon Frome Court. Thank you!

If you are new to finding out about communities: here are some other links: