Vacancies in Community:

We are a friendly and open community and we always aim to positively welcome people who have a genuine interest in living at  Canon Frome Court: to that end, we are keen to ensure that we maintain a vibrant and healthy membership process.  This can  include considerations of our general ‘demography’ and also aiming to ensure that living here  is as affordable as possible: this has for example recently included a (limited) fund to support new members to move in. We always need a small ‘bank’ of people who have got to know us and who might be ready to move in should a vacancy come up.

We currently have a two bedroom apartment in the Main House available, see here for details.

If you’d like to learn more about community living in this beautiful part of rural Herefordshire drop us a line and come and check us out on one of our Visitor weekends.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

For further information and a chat please contact Ellie or Ben (Membership Secretaries) on 0844 8123711 or